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    Soothe sore muscles with our True Natural Muscle Balms... They REALLLLY work


    True Natural Muscle Balm

    Thanks to a blend of ginger, cayenne and menthol, this muscle balm offers a gentle warming sensation allowing it to be used for everything from general muscle aches and joint pain, to rheumatic pain, and sprains. All you need to do is rub the balm into the required area to relax sore, tense muscles.


    Cooling Muscle Balm

    With a blend of clove bud, eucalyptus and ginger, this muscle balm offers a gentle cooling sensation to reduce inflammation and swelling caused by overuse or injury. All you need to do is rub the balm into the required area.

    A must-have for relieving pain and inflammation

    If you're suffering from joint pain, rheumatic pain, or general muscle aches, you need to try our true natural muscle balms. 

    With a combination of anti-inflammatory and analgesic ingredients, these natural muscle balms penetrate deep into the tissue to simulate the recovery process. They work to provide quick and soothing pain relief while increasing blood circulation around the affected muscle.

    Why You'll love our True Natural Muscle Balms
    Soothes sore muscles without irritating your skin

    Naturally, we use a blend of natural ingredients to help relieve muscle soreness. But, these balms also contain many skin nourishing and soothing ingredients including sweet marjoram flower oil and aloe vera.

    An enjoyable, not too overpowering smell

    The scents of peppermint and lemon offer a rejuvenating kick to help mind and body heal from pain or discomfort. Similarly, these aromatic scents of essential oils have even been shown to help alleviate headaches and cramps, ease tension and the mind.

    Easy to use applicator

    Our natural muscle balms come in a hands-free applicator, so you can apply the muscle balm where you need it and not where you don't, your hands.

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